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About Houston Psychotherapist Angelina H. Rodriguez

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Angelina H. Rodriguez, LPC, ATR-BC, is a Houston Psychotherapist with a passion for helping others on their healing journey.  As a psychotherapist and art therapist, she has treated individuals couples and groups on grief, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, 12-Step support work, sex and love addictions, learning disorders, and other problems.  Over the years, Angelina has developed creative tools to help individuals move from resistance to change.  She guides her clients to assess personal goals and implements behavioral modifications by offering a hands-on approach.  She works closely with her clients to create specific paths, to manage life, plan strategies, and identify saboteurs.  She assists individuals to live a quality life through self-awareness, self-responsibility and healthy relationships.  Angelina has a reputation for being direct, practical and solution focused for Houston Therapy. She is also a Spanish Speaking Therapist Houston.


“Therapy is more than a once a week solution.  It is a daily exercise of awareness, belief systems, and practice.”


My Philosophy


I believe in order to create changes in your life; you must first be willing to let go of the Ego.  This is the part of self that is critical, stubborn, and proud.  Ego blocks honesty, reality, and hope.  My therapeutic approach incorporates experiential, action-orientated, cognitive, and holistic methods.  It is important for you to be open to physical, emotional, intellectual, as well as spiritual changes.  I offer practical and motivating tools to assist you build awareness and strength in facing your challenges.  The first step towards change is the initial visit.  It is in that moment that I can motivate you into a healthier and more rewarding life style.  It is crucial that you and I are fully aligned in our partnership.  This process creates trust and honesty as we progress towards your goals.  With my years of experience and unconditional support, I offer you the resources to design and live a stronger, more fulfilling life.

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