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Strength & Confidence Come from Within

Strength & Confidence Come from Within





Angelina has spent over 20 years as an educator, counselor, art therapist and
psychotherapist.  She has served the community as a therapist at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center where she counseled patients with terminal cancer and their grieving families.  She is certified as a Crisis Counselor with N.O.V.A. and volunteered during the 911 Crisis in New York City. She is passionate about helping others on their spiritual path.

In her private practice, Angelina provides individual, couple, group psychotherapy and art therapy.  Angelina contracts with businesses, conferences, and organizations to provide tailored presentations.  She also consults with schools in developing a plan for children with behavior concerns, and provides staff with strategies and training on implementation.  As a past counselor with the Houston Independent School District, she developed and implemented an art therapy program for “at-risk” kids.  Her program resulted in higher achievement.

Angelina is a professional artist for over 25 years.  She specializes in paintings and murals for residents and businesses.  Her art has been displayed in galleries and museums.  She has served as an art faculty member at the Art Institute of Houston and at Houston Community College.

She received her Master’s in Counseling at Texas A & M University, Corpus Christi and her specialization in Art therapy at University of Houston Clear Lake.  She is a Houston based Psychotherapist, licensed by the Texas State Board of Professional Counselors, a Clinical Supervisor, and a Registered Board Certified Art Therapist.


My Philosophy


I believe in order to create changes in your life; you must first be willing to let go of the Ego.  This is the part of self that is critical, stubborn, and proud.  Ego blocks honesty, reality, and hope.  My therapeutic approach incorporates experiential, action-orientated, cognitive, and holistic methods.  It is important for you to be open to physical, emotional, intellectual, as well as spiritual changes.  I offer practical and motivating tools to assist you build awareness and strength in facing your challenges.  The first step towards change is the initial visit.  It is in that moment that I can motivate you into a healthier and more rewarding life style.  It is crucial that you and I are fully aligned in our partnership.  This process creates trust and honesty as we progress towards your goals.  With my years of experience and unconditional support, I offer you the resources to design and live a stronger, more fulfilling life.

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