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Addicted to Love?

It Is More Than Just Sad & Lonely

So you think you have fallen in love and now you can live happily ever after!  But, you’re not.  You are actually in a lot of pain, with this person, but you can’t leave them.  You feel lost with out this person and lonely, even jealous.  But yet, yearn for more closeness.

You might go out and flirt and get a high from the attention, maybe even dress provocative, and have casual sex, but the next day, you’re depressed.  Why are you depressed?  Still unfulfilled.

Confused sex with love? Sex Addictions Houston?

Love addicts go through life with desperate hopes and constant fears.  You fear rejection, pain, obsession, avoid risk or change, and becoming consumed to get their attention.  You do anything, however dangerous to avoid feeling any loss, even use others sexually.

Having a very low self-esteem and lacking self-identity, you possibly choose a mate or friend you admire.  These forms of passion can lead to threats of murder, suicides, and stalking.  Homosexuality is another byproduct of this problem, as it’s easier to take on the identity of someone of the same sex.  A love addict also has the need to control the relationship.  You use sex to get your own way or in exchange for love.  When a person tries to break up with a love addict, the situation becomes very intense and could result in stalking.  The break-up adds to the addicts already overloaded emotional system.  The love addict will do anything, to keep the relationship.  You will give up friends, family, work, to hold on. If you think your relationships are characterized by dependency, pain, guilt, and abuse, call me and let’s get to work. I can help with love addictions Houston.

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