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Supervision for LPC and Art Therapist

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Supervision for Practicum and Interns LPC and Art Therapy



Angelina H. Rodriguez is a Board-Approved Supervisor in the state of Texas (LPC-S)


Applicants for the LPC in Texas must complete a supervised work (intern) experience of 3,000 clock-hours, and that experience must be under the direction of a board approved supervisor. Angelina H. Rodriguez provides individual and group supervision for those who have completed a graduate degree in counseling or a related field and who are ready to become a Licensed Professional Counselor.


Supervision Goals


The goal of supervision is to protect the client while helping the beginning clinician to develop a professional identify in a safe forum for learning. Through weekly meetings, interns are encouraged to bring their counseling experiences forward to sharpen their skills in diagnosing and conceptualizing cases, building therapeutic alliances, designing interventions, treatment planning, compliance issues, and developing referral sources. Group and individual supervision are offered in an atmosphere that both supports and challenges professional knowledge.


LPC Supervision


Congratulations on passing the NCE and achieving your intern license!  You are nearing the end of a long and arduous process if you’ve completed your counseling degree and practicum, and passed the LPC exam. Your supervised internship experience is the last step to obtaining your license and beginning your professional career, and it’s also one of the most important. While obtaining your hours as an intern you can expect to work collaboratively with me to develop your skills. We will work together to find your voice and direction as an intern. As a supervisor I will work to help you understand the importance of being ethical, well informed, and well rounded as you may provide services to a multitude of clients. As a supervisor I will give you best practice approaches, demonstrate the importance of being responsible, and efficient.


Art Therapy Supervision


Practicum/Internship Requirement:

These requirements will be completed within a structured art therapy practicum course for graduate credit. The practicum course must be taught, supervised or advised by a current ATR, ATR-BC and/or ATCS. On-site supervision must be provided by someone with a minimum of a master’s degree in a mental health field and a current master’s level mental health credential or license. A master’s or higher degree in a mental health field must have been required to obtain that license or credential. A minimum of 700 hours of supervised art therapy practicum/internship, including a minimum of 350 hours of direct provision of art therapy services to individuals, groups, and/or families. The remaining hours may include supervision, case review, record keeping, preparation, staff meetings, and other administrative functions. A minimum of 70 hours of practicum/internship supervision is required. One hour of individual supervision and/or two hours of group supervision must be documented for every 10 hours of practicum/internship.

Art Therapy Supervision is offered in conjunction with LPC Supervision or separately. Art therapy techniques and principles are incorporated into the supervision session.


Current Supervision Group and Opportunities


There are currently openings for supervision and for practicum and interns to attain hours in our practice in an evening supervision group meeting Bellaire. Contact Angelina H. Rodriguez LPC/S-ATRBC for more information.


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