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Sooner or later, all couples run into issues that challenge them. But it is how couples handle challenges — not the absence of them — that makes the biggest difference for lasting relationship health. I address the full range of issues that couples experience during the lifetime of a relationship. Such issues may include:

  • intimacy, trust-building, communication skills & marriage counseling
  • money issues & sexual concerns
  • premarital counseling / spiritual or religious differences
  • learning to express feelings so others really hear you
  • dealing with an affair / feelings of anger and betrayal
  • deciding to break-up or break through
  • problems with adult children & working through midlife crisis
  • issues arising from previous relationships
  • blended family issues – “his children/my children/our children”
  • stress due to time, money, work: the “not enough time for us” syndrome

While no relationship is perfect, it can be made better and more fulfilling. Working together for your future can be empowering & end the old patterns that have been holding you back all along. Some of us are dealing with the loss of a past relationship or loved one and others are dealing with infidelity, financial duress, role reversals… Lots of different issues… Some help could save your relationship and sanity. Call 713-206-8429 for Houston couples counseling or check out our upcoming workshops below.

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