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Your sadness over your marriage is at a point that you are now looking for help. You feel lonely around your partner. The fighting, arguing, lying, and false hopes in your relationship exist daily. And the passion and intimacy are gone. You feel afraid to bring up how you feel because you’re often blamed, ignored, or just looking for another fight! Marriage Counseling can work!

You feel alone and don’t want to talk to family and friends anymore because you are embarrassed. You see other couples and wonder why you can’t make yours work. Your self-esteem is down and so is your spirit. Talk to a Marriage Therapist like me.

Sometimes you wish were single again and fantasize about having an affair. Or maybe you are in one and now it has become a tangled web of deceit. Now what do you do? It might have caused some relief for a time, but you are still in a marriage that is not working. Or you found out your partner is having an affair and you have plenty of resentment, fear, distrust, and anger towards them. But you find you cannot leave. You feel trapped.

When we don’t share our feelings, hopes, fears, dreams, and all of the other aspects of life, we tend to close ourselves off from our partner, alienating them, and causing all communication to shut down. We begin to lose trust and hope. We don’t feel safe.

Sooner or later, all couples run into issues that challenge them. But it is how couples handle challenges — not the absence of them — that makes the biggest difference for lasting marriage health.

Couples who are willing stay happy have learned strategies to keep their relationship strong, even when facing tough challenges.

If you are ready to learn key tools and strategies for a successful marriage, contact me. Now is the best time. Marriage Counselor Houston.

I even offer Christian Marriage Psychotherapy Houston.

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