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Financial Stress Issues

Healthy Relationships? Are Financial Issues Taking A Toll On Your Relationship? Psychotherapist Angelina Rodriguez was asked, Does Your Spouse Need An Allowance? What do you think? Do you need an allowance or new rules for a budget?Does …

Substance Abuse

Symptoms: Difficulty with stopping or cutting down use of mood-altering drug one started. Denial that chemical dependence is a problem, despite feedback from significant others. Use of drug affects relationships. Experiences blackouts when using. …

Post Traumatic Stress

Symptoms: Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) develops after a terrifying ordeal that involved physical harm or the threat of physical harm. The person who develops PTSD may have been the one who was harmed, the harm may have happened to a loved one…

Child/Parent Conflict

Symptoms: Children with behavioral problems that cause conflict for parents/family that is acting out, destructive, or refusal to go to school. Child’s behavior sparks ongoing arguments and dissension with parents, weakening their effectiveness. Lac…

Panic Attacks

Symptoms: Panic disorder is a real illness that can be successfully treated. It is characterized by sudden attacks of terror, usually accompanied by a pounding heart, sweatiness, weakness, faintness, or dizziness. During these attacks, people with pan…

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