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Anger Management

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Anger is a normal emotion that signals us we don’t like something that is happening in our environment. While there is nothing at all wrong with anger itself, many people express their angry feelings inappropriately. A “hot temper” can lead to relationship difficulties, work problems, and even legal troubles. However, effective techniques can be learned to manage anger appropriately. People can be taught to vent their anger in productive ways leading to effective communication with others and more satisfying life relationships.

Intimidations, hostility, disrespect and aggressive behaviors that alienates neighbors, family members, school personnel, as well as extended family members

Therapy Solutions:

Get in touch with feelings of emotional pain and express them verbally in appropriate ways. Terminate expressions of anger that are demeaning, threatening, disrespectful, or violent. Understand the impetus for the anger. Anger Depression Counseling Houston also a specialty.

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