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Financial Stress Issues

Strength & Confidence Come from Within

Healthy Relationships? Are Financial Issues Taking A Toll On Your Relationship?

Psychotherapist Angelina Rodriguez was asked, Does Your Spouse Need An Allowance? What do you think? Do you need an allowance or new rules for a budget?



Indebtedness and overdue bills that exceed ability to meet monthly payments. Loss of income due to unemployment. Conflict with spouse due to money issues and spending. Lack of discipline with money management. Uncontrollable crisis that has caused ability to make payments. Impulsive spending without considering consequences.

Therapy Solutions:

Establish a clear income and expense budget to meet bill demands. Contact creditors to develop a payment plan. Gain a new sense of worth outside of money. Understand insecurities and and anxieties around spending. Achieve strength to control impulses, cravings, and desires that increase debt irresponsibly.

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