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Family Therapy

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Family Therapy for Kids, Teens, Parents


Teens having low self esteem?


  • Appearance (self image) – Overweight, poor body image, acne, want plastic surgery
  • Peers – bulling or peer pressure
  • Parents – feeling criticized, never good enough, even unloved
  • Unrealistic expectations – low self esteem, not “living up” to one’s expectations


Divorce & How It Effects Your Family?

Divorce can be stressful, sad, and confusing for everyone – but for kids it creates an unacceptable level of uncertainty.

They question what life will be like?  Will they be abandoned?  Are we going to have to move?  What will my friends say?

Often kids become angry at the prospect of mom and dad splitting up for good.  Divorce isn’t easy, but as a parent you can make the process less painful for your children with the right therapist.  In these times parents are blinded by their own pain, unable to provide the support and loving home for the family. Family Counseling can help.

Kids express their emotions in many ways, sometimes it looks like:

  • children’s aggression, lying, stealing
  • discipline issues and differences
  • school difficulties
  • teen problems
  • communication struggles
  • difficulties with friends
  • bed-wetting and soiling
  • temper tantrums
  • drug and alcohol use
  • issues related to life-threatening or chronic illness
  • grief due to loss, separation, divorce
  • concerns involving elder care

What others are saying about Our New Teen Kamp. Check It Out!

“When my parents divorced, I didn’t have anyone to talk to about it until my mom signed me up for group. Just talking about it to someone has really helped me understand.” – Melinda, 14

“My son used to stay at home all the time and didn’t have many friends before trying this. Now he’s going on dates and trying out for the basketball team!” – Diane, 35

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