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Sexual Addiction

Strength & Confidence Come from Within


Power x Insecurities =  SEX Addiction?



“I can’t believe I did it again!”

” I’ll try to stop next time”

“Let me just keep my mind on something else!”

“I’m sorry, but it’s your fault!”

Are you risking your relationship, marriage, job, health, or finances to continue your sexual, romantic, or pron-related behaviors?

If so, you may be a sex addict!  The cost of sex addiction is more than financial, it also affects your emotional and physical health as well as career, relationship, family consequences. It causes SHAME!

Sex addiction may be identified as any compulsive or impulsive sexual activity that falls into one of three categories: shameful, secretive or abusive. Internet sex addiction is a relatively new form and not surprisingly one of the most prevalent.

Might you or someone you know be addicted to sex?  Here are 3 indicators:

1. You often loose time spent on the computer, at strip clubs, in dysfunctional relationships, in destructive behaviors.

2. Unable to see consequences, denial, minimize the behaviors, at the cost of loosing your job, marriage, relationships, health, etc..

3. Preoccupied & obsession

Could you be a sex addict? Take this test!

I’ve spent years studying sexual addiction and, if I may say so myself, I have a pretty good grasp on the treatment – no pills, no electroshock therapy – let’s just talk. It may not be the sex you crave as much as your own self-acceptance.

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