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Who Has Symptoms of Depression?

You, or someone you know, may be one of millions who experience depression yearly. Experiencing a social stressor such as, job loss, fear of economy, death of a loved one can cause depression.

A chronic stressor (long time), such as a difficult relationship, a serious medical problem, problems with parenting account for high levels of depression. Many older adults who move from an independent lifestyle to one that is more dependent upon others often experience depression. Children and teens have social and peer pressures that result in feelings of depression. Drinking alcohol, using illegal drugs, overeating, or having an addiction cause feelings of depression.

The Holidays are difficult times for many and bring up old memories. Other conditions, such as menopause or chronic pain, stress, or fatigue, recent childbirth or post partum depression is also a common depression problem. But like other major health problems, depression cannot be overcome without depression treatment or help. I am a Depression Pyschotherapist Houston.

In fact, untreated depression can get worse, cause other health problems, and may last for years or even a lifetime. It can have a serious impact on both you and the people you care about. If you feel you need help to understand if you have depression, click here.

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