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Art Therapy Workshops, Seminars and Groups

Find the creative spirit that gives meaning to your life!


In Group Art Therapy, You Will Begin To:


1. Connect With Others – Give and receive non-judgmental feedback
2. Learn New Problem Solving Skills – helps you express emotions & cope with struggles
3. Achieve Emotional Balance – by promoting satisfying relationships


Some topics addressed in this group include resistance, fear, family issues, codependency, procrastination, need for support, depression, speaking our truths and others. All levels or styles of creative experience are welcome. Groups will be structured with a check-in time, a short art directive and time for members to process and discuss art created.   Each session will be led using an art therapy experiential to explore feelings and struggles that will serve as a vehicle for group discussion. See More!


Workshops are one of Angelina’s specialties.  She offers several specific and unique workshops throughout the year in her art studio.  Topics include grief, loss, intimacy, teen and parent relationships, healing and embracing creativity.  In group settings, it is easy to feel connected and not alone.  Others have similar difficulties and experiences.  By using both talk and art therapy, you can find a path to health and wellness.


Angelina offers presentations outside of her office and works with you to customize the special workshop for your conference, school, or business.  She is a provider of CEUs for mental health professionals.


What Will I Get from an Art Therapy Workshop?


Conflicts that arise in your ‘real’ world of home, school or job will appear here too – but now you can work through them creatively and safely. Art therapy group experiences help you get in touch with your dreams, try new things you might have been afraid of, resolve conflicts, release the blocks that keep you from being YOU, and make life fun again.


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