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Dia de los Muertos

Strength & Confidence Come from Within


Dia de los Muertos 2013 Trip


A New Way to Understand & Experience Grief!


Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead is a ritual celebrated in Mexico and certain parts of the United States on November 1st & 2nd. In this video you will see how others deal with pain, loss, sadness and begin to understand how this ritual helps you honor & celebrate your loved ones life. We hold on to that last moment of death / life. But really their life was much more – and they are important to you.  We want to invite you to participate in our Day of the Dead 2013 Adventure in Mexico.




Day of the Dead ritual honors the dead by maintaining the basic principles of the Aztec peoples, such as the use of wooden skull masks called calacas and a dance in honor of their deceased relatives. The wooden skulls are also placed on altars that are dedicated to the dead. Sugar skulls are made for the family. The skulls were used to symbolize death and rebirth. Special bread is baked in the shape of skull and crossbones and eaten by a relatives or friends. Marigolds, incense, and candles light the path for our loved ones to come and visit us on this special day. Read our Houston Chronicle article!


 The REAL Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico -> Check Out The Itinerary


Some view death as the end of life, the Aztecs viewed it as the continuation of life. Instead of fearing death, they embraced it. To them, life was a dream and only in death did they become truly awake. To become truly awake you must embrace your pain, loss, sadness, and fear whether you’re dealing with the loss of life, love, relationships and hope.





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