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Are You Ready for Better Results?

Insanity Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein was better known as a physicist than a psychotherapist, but he pretty much nailed it with his definition of insanity. No one’s calling you crazy, but do you feel stuck, unhappy, bored or lost in your life? Do you find yourself hoping for change? ?Do you…

  • Dread getting up every morning?
  • Lack passion as you go through your day?
  • ‘Go through the motions’ in your relationships or activities?
  • Negative? Complain? or Whine?
  • Wish your life were different?

Get Ready to Try New Things!

Its time for you to get your life back! This Art Therapy group workshop will help you get in touch with your dreams, try new creative techniques, and give you direction and help resolve your inner conflicts. You will create new ways to find your authentic self.

This workshops is for any adult looking to:

  1. Learn more about Art Therapy and how it works?
  2. Relieve Feelings of Depression or unhappiness?
  3. Find clarity from in a bad relationship or work?
  4. Resolve inner conflict about your life’s path?
  5. Ignite creativity and passion in your life?

In this safe and creative environment, you will produce drawings, paintings, sculptures, and other art creative expressions to identify your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. You do not need to be an artist to do this work. It is an easy and fun way to express what words cannot. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Discover new ways to create your self worth. Take steps to make changes today!

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