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Face Life’s Challenges!

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Are you struggling with marriage conflicts, depression, poor relationships, job problems, parenting issues or problems at school? Do you want better communications & more intimacy in your relationship? As a leading Houston Therapist, I will help you work through your problems with traditional psychotherapy and art therapy. Need Couples therapy? For more information, email me or call for a free consultation to see if I am the right therapist for you. I work with English and Spanish-speaking clients.

Angelina H. Rodriguez, LPC, ATR-BC

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Through my art, I’ve learned to face my emotions. I no longer let my emotions bottle up and it’s made all the difference!

Bill, 36

My son has really enjoyed coming to the workshops. He is able to communicate to us without yelling or shutting down. You have taught him how to ask for what he needs and wants in a respectful and loving way. His teachers even notice some changes!

Teenage Tension Workshop, Paul

Art therapy has helped me pay tribute to my late husband and put all of the things I never got to tell him into something I can touch and feel.

Brittany, 29

I love all of the wonderful art supplies and meaningful words. You made me feel very comfortable doing an activity I was unsure of. I learned to trust myself more!

Explore Yourself Workshop, Courtney

As a recovering alcoholic, Angelina has helped me see that my life isn’t over. It’s just beginning!

Anthony, 42

I felt you to be a very charismatic instructor. You show you enjoy what you do. You have given me the confidence to explore going back to school to become an art therapist.

Explore Yourself Workshop, Gina

I learned that Death is to be celebrated and that I can let go and accept endings. Truth can be revealed in art. I am learning to accept my mother’s death

Dia De los Muertos Workshop, Christine

I can see my mother through new eyes. I know now how some of her beliefs were placed on me and how I just took them over. I can give them back to her and honor both her and myself as mature individuals.

Mother/Daughter Workshop, Anastasia


Face Life's Challenges!

WE ARE HIRING! Full Time Office Assistant Needed

WE ARE HIRING! Full Time Office Assistant Needed

Last Updated: March 21, 2017   Psychotherapy by Angelina, LLC is looking to hire a full time office assistant in Ho

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Couples Retreat! Art Therapy Workshop for Couples

Couples Retreat! Art Therapy Workshop for Couples

“Painting a Happier Relationship” Art Therapy Workshop for Couples In this creative and interactive workshop

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Now Hiring: Art Therapist

Now Hiring: Art Therapist

Psychotherapy by Angelina, LLC is looking for an Art Therapist clinician, certified or internship. The Art therapist cli

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