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Art Therapy

Strength & Confidence Come from Within

Art Psychotherapy


A powerful way to discover your authentic self – a picture is worth a thousand words.

Please don’t believe that artistic skill, ability, experience or technique is necessary for art therapy. All you need is an open mind and a willing heart. I will guide you in the Art Therapy process.

Art is a primal form of communication: One thing we instinctively do as children is grab a crayon and mark on the walls! Art therapy helps you recapture your innermost creative, authentic self in a very primal, direct way. We are all creators; we were made to create.

The Art Therapy Path is not about the quality of the painting or drawing that you make – it’s about what comes up for you along the journey. Art therapy works whether you draw stick figures, doodle, splash colors on a surface, or create a masterpiece. It’s a process, and it’s all about you.




How does it work?

Art therapy is integrated into therapy as a whole. It may begin on your first visit or whenever is most appropriate for your progress.  I guide you thought the creative process so that you can explore many avenues of expressionartherapyinschools2 and to get to know yourselfartherapyinschools a little differently.

I start by taking you back to your first drawing experience – and we all have one. What happened? Were you praised or punished? Celebrated or shamed? Finding the answers is always enlightening. Art therapy adds a rich new dimension to therapy.

Who can benefit?

Anyone who’s looking for a positive breakthrough! In trying out different art materials, images, and creative art processes, you’ll tap into your own creative abilities and explore your personality, interests, concerns and conflicts in a new way. Art therapy can help resolve emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, develop social skills, manage destructive behavior, solve problems, reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem.

If you’re suffering grief or loss, you can benefit greatly from art therapy. You’ll find a concrete way to draw your pain, see it and manage it. When you create and touch your feelings on paper or in clay, you can honor them, let go, and move forward into your life.

Is art therapy a recognized approach?

Art Therapy is nationally recognized through the American Art Therapy Association.  Additionally, the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors through which I am licensed recognizes Art Therapy as a specialty.

Many studies have shown that art therapy can help those with developmental, medical, educational, social, or psychological impairments. Art therapy is widely practiced in mental health, rehabilitation, medical, educational, and forensic institutions. Art therapists serve individuals, couples, families, and groups of all age, races and ethnic backgrounds.

Life-Enhancing Tools That Help You


Art Therapy Workshops & Events All Year


Throughout the year, I hold several workshops that support you in your personal growth and healing.  Kids Art therapy groups are a specialty. These help create and build healthy relationships, plus they are a lot of FUN!

These workshops combine psychology, educational material, and experiential art therapy exercises. No artistic talent is required.  Art Therapy Workshops teach you concept in safe environment that you get to use in your life and relationships immediately. As an art therapist Houston I have the experience to make these fun and productive events.

Art Psychotherapy


Sometimes Words Are Not Enough

For just a minute – think back to art class, remember how much fun it was create something that was all yours?  One of the reasons that felt so good is that Art is so authentic and pure.  It represents the importance of who we are.  Art is a wonderful journey of selfexploration.  I aim at helping others work through a whole range of emotions and issues.  It is my belief that words alone are not enough.  Using art materials as a vehicle can actually give you the power to start the process of change.  You don’t have to be an artist to do Art Therapy.  You can scribble, doodle, or even draw stick figures.  The most important thing is the willingness to try.  Art Therapy is a safe way to express strong and sometimes sensitive or destructive feelings.  It is often used for stress and anxiety management.  It enhances communication among individuals, groups or professional teams.

I am often asked, “HOW do I begin therapy?”  My answer is simple, “First, you must be Honest, Open, and Willing.  This is H.O.W.”

Several workshop participants expressed the benefits they have  gained from our recent workshops:

  • ” My son has really enjoyed coming to the workshops. He is able to communicate to us without yelling or shutting down. You have taught him how to ask for what he needs and wants in a respectful and loving way. His teachers even notice some changes! “

    (Teenage Tension Workshop) Paul

  • ” I love all of the wonderful art supplies and meaningful words. You made me feel very comfortable doing an activity I was unsure of. I learned to trust myself more! “

    (Explore Yourself Workshop) Courtney

  • ” I felt you to be a very charismatic instructor. You show you enjoy what you do. You have given me the confidence to explore going back to school to become an art therapist. “

    (Explore Yourself Workshop) Gina

  • ” I learned that Death is to be celebrated and that I can let go and accept endings. Truth can be revealed in art. I am learning to accept my mother’s death “

    (Dia De los Muertos Workshop) Christine

  • ” I can see my mother through new eyes. I know now how some of her beliefs were placed on me and how I just took them over. I can give them back to her and honor both her and myself as mature individuals. “

    (Mother/Daughter Workshop) Anastasia 

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